Muschamp: “It’s hard, you know?”

The first losing season since 1979, and the first time Florida will not make a bowl game since being on NCAA probation in 1990. “It’s all disappointing,” said Florida head coach, Will Muschamp, when asked about what is more disappointing: not going to a bowl game, or having a losing season. Florida_Gators_logo.svg

“It’s hard,” was all Muschamp could muster when discussing how to stop the triple option offense that the Georgia Southern Eagles ran the entire game. “It’s not about discipline, it’s about making negative plays, and it’s getting them out of what they do…they run this 24/7,” said the frustrated Muschamp.

Muschamp also commented about how the offense has been dismal all season long, and that has become “infectious” for the team as a whole. Muschamp also said that in order to beat a team that runs the triple option, a team has to be able to keep the pace on the offensive side of the ball, and that just was not happening on Saturday for the Florida Gators.

This is the first loss ever in Florida Gator history to a FCS opponent. So, we bear in mind the question? What is the problem with this Florida Gator team? Mark May believes that the problem is Will Muschamp, and that “the program is headed in the right direction, but you need a new coach.” I tend to disagree with May on this matter of the Gators.

The problem, in my honest opinion, is entirely the offense and the injuries. Ever since Tim Tebow has left the University of Florida, Florida has not had a single signal caller under center for the entire length of the season, under two different offensive coordinators: Charlie Weis and Brent Pease.

The problem is Brent Pease. Florida needs to move on from Brent Pease, and go in a different direction. Brent Pease has complete control of the Gators’ offense. Although the blame does ultimately fall on Muschamp’s shoulders, but Pease came in and Muschamp completely removed his hands from the offense.

I mean, let’s put this in persepctive. Two years ago in 2011, Alabama played Georgia Southern, and Georgia Southern scored 21 points against the Crimson Tide – the highest that anyone had scored on Alabama all season long. The main difference in the Alabama game, was that Alabama had the offense to back up what the defense did. Florida doesn’t have that. Alabama managed to score 45 points against Georgia Southern, and that was with the likes of Trent Richardon, AJ McCarron, and an outstanding offensive line. Florida doesn’t have any of that. So, we have to cut Muschamp some slack on this one, Florida held the Eagles to 26 points with an injured defense, Alabama’s was healthy and still allowed 21 points.

You’re right Will. It is hard. I still have your back, but you really need to get rid of Brent Pease. I’m still trying to figure out why you hired him. I am really hoping the Rumor Mill is true on this one.


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